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Used Equipment Currently Available
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[Used Love Tester]
Used Love Tester

[Used Penny Press ]
Used Hand Cranked Penny Press
with four images

[Used 3 Image Penny Press]
Used Hand-Cranked Penny Press
in new Classic Cabinet
[Used Electric Penny Press]
Used Electric
Penny Press
[Used Electric Penny Press]
Used Electric
Souvenir Penny Press
[Used Classic Penny Press]
Used Compact
Penny Press
[Used Compact Penny Press]
Used Classic
Penny Press
[Grandmother Fortune Teller] [Grandmother Fortune Teller]
Grandmother Fortune Teller - used
[Hand Cranked Penny Press]
Used Penny Press in a Classic
Style Cabinet - Honey Oak Finish
[Metal Typer]
Metal Typer - reconditioned

[Used 4 Image Penny Press in acrylic cace]
Used Penny Press
in Acrylic Case
with wheels and mirrored base

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